What should be reminded for finding an interior designer?

1. Before the designer measuring and checking the dimension, in order to have better design and less budget. The person in charge should inform the designer, whether there are situations of leakage, re-piping etc.

2. After designer finishes the design, the design drawings will be given to person in charge including the floor plan, ceiling plan, elevation etc. Person in charge need to understand the design drawings, so that the misunderstanding between each other can be minimized.

3. The designer will explain the details of design content to person in charge, and he is welcome to answer all the question. After both sides reaching a general consensus, the contract can be signed. And after signing the contract, each party must fulfill their own responsibilities.

4. The designer will provide the quotes to person in charge as detail as possible. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, the person in charge should also understand the content of quotes. The price might be plus or minus due to future changes of design.

5. Knowing all design and construction processes provided in the website is helpful for the person in charge to have a better understanding about whole processes of interior design.